About the Best Skateboard

About the Best Skateboard

Have you gone to skateboard college for learning. You can learn some skills on your own. Okay, you can’t understand how happy I am, I can finally review a skateboard electric. I’ve had it for a couple of months, if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen it several times stories, and when I arrived I was in total fixed. After trying it far and wide, I am even more so and in fact I couldn’t wait to tell you about it. Before showing you in detail, a small premise: this category of products in Italy is in a “regulatory vacuum” and in theory could not circulate; Luckily, after years of waiting something is moving and last December was presented amendment to the highway code to include them. I’m not boring you with technical issues like helmet / non-helmet, license plate / non-license plate, etc first of all because there is nothing definitive and then because they are arguments on which we would have to discuss a lot.

Ok, JackZoom City Surf which is a longboard and that yes, it could scare those who don’t never tried these vehicles, but I assure you that going there is really simple. The table is wide, therefore easier to control than small models, and of course you can customize the truck’s flexibility to adapt to the roads. Let’s see the packaging and then talk a little about skateboarding, its pros and cons. Inside the box there are the controller, the power supply, two spare parts for the wheels front, a couple of tools and a manual. Unfortunately there is no LED light, gadgets that other brands offer, but this is not the case serious: on Amazon you can find all shapes and colors for about ten euros. I took one with an elastic band so that I could tie it to the rear truck and in the evening it is definitely useful.

The board is practically a meter long, which as already said makes it really “comfortable” or in any case easy to use, but this is countered by the fact that, being so large and also heavy due to the batteries below, the transport by hand is very uncomfortable. In this regard, the lack of a handle is felt so much and it is a real shame. Furthermore, the table is not always particularly flexible. To me honestly it doesn’t disturb, but if you like those that jumping on it touch the ground, not for you. Two notes more than positive, on the other hand, concern the fact that it is water resistant, therefore can travel safely on wet asphalt, and that the wheels are 90mm: great for cruising in the city because, very trivially, they are not planted in the tram tracks.

Already only those from 84. eh, don’t try it, I’ll tell you from experience. In any case, once the skate and controller are turned on, the recognition will take place automatically and you will be ready to go. Focusing for a moment on the second, it must be said that it has a truly ergonomic shape and the hole for the finger is very convenient since it allows a very firm grip. As for the various LEDs, the lower one lights up when the battery of the remote control is flat (among other things, this one is recharged via micro USB and lasts a long time, type 30-40 hours), the one above concerns the connection status while the four in the center indicate the charge of the longboard.

By pressing the power button, only one will illuminate, which will correspond to the speed, which can be changed by continuing to press the power button. The slowest reaches ten kilometers per hour, the second at 20-25 and the third at 40. The fourth, okay, is a turbo mode that lasts about ten minutes when it is charged it is at most but rarely used. Personally I found the first one very useful to get the hang of it at the beginning and then me I am settled on the second, over 25/30 km per hour I never went one because at that speed the board starts to vibrate a lot and becomes unmanageable, two because roads, or rather, the holes here in Turin do not allow it.

However, exactly 20/25 km per hour are perfect: you save a lot of time on travel compared to walking and not risking your life.

To conclude with the controller, the Reverse key is still present (to invert substantially the direction of travel) and the knob to accelerate and brake. Super positive that the braking is regenerative, that is to recharge the battery. In this regard, the declared autonomy is about twenty kilometers but I am always stopped around 15/16. It must be said that it depends on a lot of factors: on a perfectly smooth ground, maybe a little downhill and staying at the minimum speed, I’m sure the 20 kilometers are reach, but going on the asphalt at 20 per hour, one stops first. I don’t consider it a negative point anyway, in the sense that I am 15 kilometers for myself excellent range (it means roughly an hour of continuous running) but it is right to specify it.

Well, before the conclusion there is one more thing to say: there are two types of skateboards electric, with straps and without. Here too it is a bit of a long speech so let me know if you would like more information but very quickly those with straps have excellent strength and are suitable for routes with continuous ascents and descents; at the same time, however, the whole mechanism it is visible while the others, including the JackZoom, have the engines integrated in the rear wheels. The advantages of the latter are the fact that they can be pushed and go normally also from drains, which with the straps is difficult, and which are much more silent.

Look at the comparison: both are at intermediate speed. In short, the difference feels all right. Then on the road on the asphalt also the City Surf will make the right mess, but let’s say that in an ideal city where the roads or at least the cycle paths are smooth, a this vehicle is barely noticeable. Finally, the price: we talk about $ 400 or about € 360. Not a few, but keep in mind that up until a few years ago, electric skate meant Boosted Board, and in that case we are about $ 1000/1500 at the table; lately they are coming out numerous economic alternatives and this bodes well for the fact that prices will always become more affordable, especially if media will find their way into Italy (which I hope).

In addition, JackZoom does not charge for shipping, which for these products can exceed 60/70 $ and this is more than positive. It will take a month to arrive, but it’s money saved. Ok, they were the main things to say.

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