Skateboard and Fun

Having Skateboard and Fun

There are different types of volkswagen skateboard and you can choose any one that you like the most. I‘m learning how to skateboard, and to help me do that, I got a program called Skateboarding Made Simple by Braille Skateboarding. It’s a pretty cool program; it breaks everything down step by step, so I just finished Week 1. Week 1 was all about feeling comfortable with the skateboard, riding around, no tricks, just the fundamentals of riding around, getting comfortable with your skateboard under your feet. Ok, so now that Week 1 is done, of course I’m going to be going into Week 2, and Week 2 is trying to do an ollie with my skateboard. So if you don’t know what an ollie is, it’s basically just trying to jump your board off the ground all four wheels off the ground. So I did a little bit of a challenge for myself to start Week 2 off, and that was to attempt 100 ollies.

That was pretty tiring. I got a skateboard. I got a skateboard! It’s pretty cool. Check it out. It’s from Skate City Supply here in Albuquerque. Pretty cool graphic. Very, very cool. Big shout out to the guys at Skate City Supply here in Albuquerque. They were super, super helpful, they were really good skaters, they helped set up my board for me, they made me feel welcome, they didn’t make me feel stupid, they answered all my questions, and they were really super friendly, and they were very, very cool. So definitely recommend Skate City Supply here in Albuquerque. But anyway, for those of you who haven’t tuned in lately, I’ve been getting back into skateboarding.

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for awhile, and I’m going to do it. I will show you today how to roll in your skateboard first you have to find your stance and then we’ll show you how to push. There is either goofy when you have your right foot at the front of the board. So when you step on the board first with your right foot then you push that’s goofy and when you regular you have your left foot on the front so you step on with the left foot first then you push that’s regular. So then find a pole to be safe step on your board your preferred stance and push yourself. There you go.

So after that you can actually try your push, pushing your skateboard is required to change your feet position so either goes to side way when you’re standing on the board and go straight facing when you push the board and then you get comfortable rolling around you can push your board when your both feet up you can carve like to your toe side you put pressure on your toes or you can carve for the other side when you put pressure on your heels.

In order to help me do that, I, I bought this program called Skateboarding Made Simple from Braille Skateboarding. It was founded by this guy named Aaron Cairo, and he came up with a method of learning skateboarding that’s very, very similar to how we teach at the dance studio. So basically, he takes you from being a complete beginner to being, being able to do some advanced tricks. So today was all about feeling comfortable with the skateboard, pushing off the skateboard, just riding it, getting comfortable stopping with your foot, with the tail of the board, maneuvering around, I guess doing some minor carving with the board.

But today was a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoy this footage. I mean I have pretty good balance because I’m a ballroom dancer, but having a moving object under you definitely tests your balance. So overall I feel pretty good about my first day back. I’m really looking forward to even two weeks from now, and I forgot how tiring skateboarding actually is.

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