Skateboard Invention

Start Riding Skateboard for Absolute Beginners

In our lives skateboard invention has played an important role. Let’s start with something. I’ve developed a very easy way for beginners to learn how to skateboard and let me show you how I do it This is called Elos Skateboard. It is an urban commuter skateboard. It’s developed super wide. Very easy to learn, and comes with big and soft wheels so you can cruise all day long. Alright, let’s get started! Before we start, safety is always first. So always have your helmet. Put it on and I can’t put it on. Okay and having pads like this will help you if you accidentally fall. Today I’m going to have a friend, Martine, to help us out to learn how to ride a skateboard. Imagine there is a ball that’s flying towards you, which foot are you going to be using to kick it back? This one or that one? This one.

So right is your dominant foot. That’s one big crack there. Yeah that’s a big crack. We can put the wheels in the crack, so it’s not going to be moving as easy. Just stand right next to the handlebar and then leave your dominant foot on the ground. Have your other foot on the top of the board. You can have your toes slightly hanging out. Put all your weight on top of the logo and put your other foot slowly put it back on top of the pins. Kind of like that. Just count one second. Very good. Just step down. Step back up. All right. It’s very important to just keep practicing this stance and make sure the board doesn’t shake every time when you put (your back foot) on top of it Like this, it’s good.

But this is not good because if you shake the board, it listens to you and you will turn according to where you shake. The next time when you put your back foot on, you can slightly angle your front foot. Put your heel on the rim. Like that. You can feel around. This is actually the cruising position, it’s easier to keep it balanced. But before you want to push or propel again, always align your (front) foot with the direction you are going before you put your foot down. You can have a friend to step on the wheel (hold the wheel) like this and keep practicing. When you have practiced enough and when the board is not wobbling like this, it’s time to move forward. Oh god, alright.

Moving forward is actually quite easy. It’s very much like how you do a free stroke. What does that mean? So extend both of your arms forward like that and you have both of your feet kind a standing at the same (starting line) like this. Put all your weight on the front foot and lift your other foot slightly up and try to hold it for like for a second. When you can balance really well, then keep your center of gravity on the top of the Elos logo and then slightly push and put it back. Slightly push and put (your back foot on the board). For a lot of beginners when they put it back, they kind a worry so they put their foot right here.

We want you to adjust so you’re actually stepping on the back pins. It’s easier to do small little steps and then step back than one long step because this means your center of gravity is already out of the board. Then you had to drag yourself back and then you’ll be like wobbling here and there which is no good. So, how do you stop? This is a good question, an important question. A couple of ways. The first, always stop with your back foot, step outward. Don’t step forward, don’t step backward but just like step outward like this. Another way to stop is if you’re moving at a pretty high speed, just hop off like this.

And all Elos comes with a metal bumper at the front which is very durable and always protect yourself. Make sure you are okay. So there’s a thing we called the zombie walk. Don’t do the zombie walk, like this. Remember always angle back (your front foot) and push like that. Push like this, and angle back, push. So once you learned how to move forward.

The next thing is how do you turn. Move into cruising position like this And just do like a heel-toe heel-toe action. Push down here and push down here on the rim, kind a like this. You’re going to see the trucks moving a lot. The default setting of Elos is pretty tight, has really tight trucks that means it’s harder to turn but it’s easier for beginners to learn. It’s more stable and once you are good at it, you can loosen it here. There is a sticker that indicates where you can turn. It’s call the kingpin and you want to do counterclockwise to loosen this pin. Don’t do drugs, just like don’t do downhills on Elos. It’s kind of dangerous. That was the basic of how do you start riding your Elos Skateboards. It includes the stance, how you stand on top of the board and how do you turn and how do you stop.

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