Skateboard Inventions

The skateboard Under Your Tesla

Do you love skateboard inventions. Looking at this car, you can see a very interesting electric pickup Rivian R1T But my view, like an x-ray, allows you to view things from the inside and what I see is a great example of automotive mega trends – skateboard platform.But first, a little background carmakers spend a lot of time and money on developing this. This is a car platform This whole protective shield that consists of a piece of metal, parts for fixing parts: engine, transmission, suspension, propeller shaft, differential It also serves as a mounting location for the steering column, pedals, gearbox and tank switches.

All this together is considered as a platform. This mechanism is very complicated, tangled, and most importantly – it all costs a whole bunch of money. That is why manufacturers often use collaborative platforms. For example, cars Camry, Avalon, Lexus ES and RAV4 – I use the same platform. This is a very common platform, a real headache and problem number 1 for the entire auto business. But many of the most advanced electric automakers, as an example of a startup Rivian with their electric truck, use in the roots a different platform, which in general form, in many ways resembles the design of a skateboard.

Rivian did not invent this concept at all, since the invention belongs to GM. With your koppcept autonomous cars on hydrogen fuel cells GM was released back in 2002. Now, automakers have cooled off with ideas on fuel cells, can not be said about the design of platforms in the form of a skateboard. Let’s take a look at what the difference is and so, the first thing that catches your eye is the biggest piece – large, long, flat battery in white. As a rule, this is the base element, or the one that makes the bottom of the car durable gives it rigidity.

Here are the engines on both sides, or even at each of the four corners. Instead of a concentrated heavy lump called engine and transmission in one place much more compact will arrange them around, in order to get even more space the suspension is also comfortably located on the same four corners and finally, the attachment points, which make it possible to place the car body on itself and what is characteristic of this platform is that that the variations of various bodies are practically unlimited, as the platform in the form of a skateboard in all cases remains unified, universal and independent. Please note that the Rivian R1T pickup is equipped with a skateboard platform, It can also be easily replaced by a crossover bodywork without any special design changes and the benefits that you get in both cases are obvious: flat and flat floor, competent extra space in the middle, minimal interference with cabin space Forget about this dog or box on the gearshift lever.

Now, you have another trunk in the front, instead of the stupidly wasted space called the engine compartment and finally, the low location of the center of gravity that is very well distributed. Therefore, the next time I heard about the electric skateboard platform, do not immediately treat him, they say to the next car show off This is a fundamental technology that gives you what you love: more internal space responsive, attractive management and the opportunity for automakers to innovate many times faster, thus recouping their costs.

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