Best Spots for Skateboarding

Amazing Streets Spots for Skateboarding

Do you want to buy electric skateboard. We’re skating petrus once again the awesome map made by le monde. We got a huge gap here in the beginning. So what we’re doing today is unlike the last time where I’m most escaped the skatepark and read it some tricks my friend can Park and filmed in real life or actually I didn’t remake them. We just skated the same obstacles. Today we’re not going to touch the skate part. We’re going to skate the street spots around it so starting off with the ditch area here. This spot is not there in real life but it looks really awesome I love that he made this. We have a rail here we can grind across probably going to be a little hard to aim at and then get back into the bank. But I’ll give it a try might also want to get over the green rails here maybe even the bench if you can get enough speed for that a bit like. How you would exit south bank.

But let’s just see what we can do we can ollie into the ditch here getting a lot of speed and I actually hit the rail and somehow made it over to the bank. This is more realistic looking give us enough speed that was too much speed it lip. Slide I don’t think I can get out of that cleanly. So we’ll have to do something else I’m trying to land in the tail but that was pretty over aimed. Oh we got the tail sliding nice and the heels up over that channel okay. So we got that but I still want to get a trick over the green rails up here. So I don’t really know how to get enough speed for that that was enough speed. But then I have to push like right before jumping I don’t think that looks good. we don’t have a bang right here if I can make it in and then one push see that’s not going to be enough what about this definitely not enough. Okay that’s going to be enough.

We’ll just have to find an angle where you can’t see this push right at the end because that’s the only way I can do it one push oh come on the other times. We got way more speed from that it’s been a while since I’ve done a straight double flip. So I think that’s what we’re doing Kari gets style a little bit over flip. We can actually triple flip it right now. It’s going really good with the first flipping. So if it does do that I’ll try to let it flip and become a triple flip if it flips kind of slow will stick to the double flip get out of this. Thank you we got a triple flip and I think. We’ll film that Kari gets he also did some really awesome triple kick flips but let’s just move on that is pretty cool that. We have a ditch here though like how he added more spots than are in real life oh you could also skit over that ringer.

We have this huge street area like this public park that just looks amazing. So we’ll get a bunch of tricks here. We have this really fun like gaps a sign grind sign grind where we could definitely get something nollie heel no slide and then you could just get a bunch of like tricks for a line here and we have the end of the map but you can’t cross how about a heel flip front. Smith don’t think you see that too often might just be a Manny Santiago trick I want to see if I could clear it without an ollie but I think we need to or what now we’ll tap that edge every time. So we’ll do it with an ollie out boom we also have an awesome gap here but I don’t think we’ll get anything on that. We’ll check out some more the park now maybe actually just take a little quick tour through it. Here is theSecond Generation Skateboards

We have these amazing gaps with grinds in between got a three stair at the fountain then. We have the small handrail here where I did a dark slide in the here maybe. We could land on the rails and then just these awesome Street hips or street pyramids whatever you want to call it and Street euro gaps. Oh didn’t really clear that but we can also go around here and then there’s another Street here. oh if we can clear that we could easily and then we have this like old skate park or ghetto skate park with a really cool tag look at this and I didn’t even see this in my but that is just really awesome big thanks to ol Iman for doing that putting me on the map here got all the homies up here. in the wall can’t wait Foley Mons next big project in skater Excel he’s making like a huge world like a big city map with a bunch of famous spots and we got escaped that bank to handrail. I should probably place a session my go back there get a little bored slide over this and we got a curved rail hopping out to a Smith grind try. Oh let me just see how that looked how’s a fun clip but let’s just get to this did I choose 270 noseblunt. First try now I didn’t really lock in I’ll try that again but I actually don’t think.

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