Skateboard Wheels

Applying the Best Skateboard Tricks

While skating it becomes important to know about skateboard wheels types. Do you often see people skateboarding? Then you also want to try? I will discuss basic to start skateboarding. The first basic thing is pushing. Pushing is a sliding motion by pushing the board usually. Before you learn pushing you will be faced with two choices, namely goofy or regular, goofy and regular is naming for foot position. Position your feet whether the right is in front or the left one in front, and the usual one natural, no need you choose all kinds, it depends on our level of comfort. When I first stood on a skateboard goofy or regular your own choice, when you first stand up on a skateboard, you have to be comfortable first because with your convenience you will feel helped. When you learn pushing later so align your front foot position and your hind legs. Do not position your hind legs too backwards it will be difficult for you to push or pushing it, you might instead miss your front legs. After that try pushing your board slowly! and return to standing position quickly! So just do it again and again until you feel comfortable, well what you need to remember the position of your shoulders must be parallel with the position of this leg or waist.

So don’t go in the opposite direction! it makes it easy to balance on a skateboard. When learning pushing you usually have difficulty like the body it feels like being pulled back it can be removed, the way it is with bend your body a little while pushing and it proved to be helpful. Do it repeatedly until you feel comfortable until you get balance on a skateboard. After that we went on to the second, Basic second skateboarding it is turning or kickturn it’s up to the mention of what you want to call turning is a smooth movement to the left or to the right by pressing the outside side the outside of your board is left or right you press it in the direction! and it will produce subtle movements in the direction what you want well you can practice turning this with pushing speed which isn’t too fast and not too slow because if it’s too fast it’s usually for people for the first time studying, it will be very difficult and vice versa if it’s too slow.

Do this continuously until you get it your comfort and balance on the skateboard. The last basic skateboard is a tick tack. Tack tick is a broken movement to the left and right. Even you can slide without pushing with this tick tack movement. Tick tack works by lifting your board’s front position and shift it towards what you want, whether it’s left or right. So that I feel more learning tick the tack, usually that don’t you guys learn tick tack while walking! try learning from a standstill! so lift your board a little and lower it again! lift a little then lower it again! just do it over and over again you get the balance on the slide.

After you get balance on a skateboard. What you just did go up and down your board, you should be able to shift your nose board, after you lift the nose skateboard, you have to slide to the left you slide again to the right or you can practice in one direction if to the left, just try to slide left go up slide left, repeat it all the time! and vice versa ! and after that you can do it tick this tack while walking or or from silent position! just do it with happy ! usually for the new learners tick tack they experienced the name tack tick backwards how to overcome the tick tack backwards, that’s the way usually there are two the first is by speeding up our tack tick rate! the left and right movements fast!

The second can be by the way widen your board shift distance so usually only a few of you shift it you have to shift wider and that I did when I first learned tick tack and I think that will help and your skateboard tac won’t back again so that’s the third basic skateboarding according to me and that according to my experience I’ve ever experienced do those three things until you feel comfortable and get your balance on the skateboard. ┬áThis is not without foundation not without reason, you practice tic tac, turning, pushing that’s just for get your balance on a skateboard and after you learn these 3 basic skateboards you can learn trick basic skateboard starting from ollie, shuvit, or flip.

Good luck and Good luck.

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