Beginning with the Right Skateboard

Beginning with the Right Skateboard

Are you thinking to make your own boosted board. I’m going to teach you the easiest skateboard tricks really. A trick pushing will be trick zero Ollie will be trick one front side 180 trick to backside 180 trick three pop shuvit trick for in front side shove-it trick five that would be the sequence. We’re going to take it even easier than the Ollie.  So I actually have no idea which tricks but I’m going to look around here. I mean some people might not even call these tricks they’re going to be even easier than an Ollie. Once you start pushing and you learn to ride your board what things could you do that would be tricks that would be easier than an ollie to figure it out. I think I got a good idea of which number one is though you’re going to think to yourself that’s not a trick well speak for yourself I had this idea because this is the first trick that riding Shrock Andy shock son learned and I was like there you go that’s the easiest trick in skateboarding right there this definitely is easier than an Ollie.

You basically just flip your board over put your feet underneath it both feet prepare yourself. Then you’re going to jump up and land on the board four bolts victory dance. We are trying to get a lot of new people into skateboarding. A lot and every day you go skateboarding. I want you to learn something new at least one new thing. Maybe it’s not every day maybe it’s a part of a trick but the whole idea that you improve every single day. You guys can learn and do and then end of the day like feeling yeah. I’m getting better and getting better at skateboarding because Ollie’s do not come in one day. If Ali’s come in one day you’re a skateboard. God took me six months to learn how just an example do it again put your feet underneath the board.  Oh jump up jump on you could lay in primo primo means you land like this and that’s definitely sketchy that’s definitely scary.

So you could even do some practice like this where regardless I think this trick is easy enough to where you can just like you know take you that Oh jump right on. If you’re really new to skateboarding and you want to start out doing that in the grass go ahead. But I think that you guys got that I think you got it. I think you got it first troll Ryan’s beard this one’s for write-in truck

Trick number one I’m not sure what number two three four or five or six are or seven or eight so that’s number one easy escape or trick number two when I was in Montana and I was about ten years old. We called this a nosebleed some might call it a nose stall others. I think might call it a nose pick I think a nose pick is something else which I will demonstrate but this in my world is called a nosebleed. This I’m going to say is easy escape or trick number two again some of you guys might be thinking. that’s the best electric skateboard I’m not even a trick but guess what we’re doing it so for this trick you’re going to have to push. I’m assuming on all of these things that you can push even for the last one. so you’re going to push up real slow. you’re going to need an obstacle ideally a curb try to not get a curb that’s too rounded try to get one that has a nice edge.

You’re going to roll up to it and you’re going to run into the obstacle and then you’re going to stand on this leg with all your weight on this leg and there you go can you feel your nose bleeding and then you just sort of awkwardly roll a lot. Hey I didn’t say it was like the sickest style points trick. I didn’t even say it was a trick but it’s a nosebleed. It’s like the most anti climactic trick ever. It’s actually a good way to practice no slides as well you really get that feeling of standing on. There oh yeah girl. We should have glanced go through the whole series . I really don’t know how else to explain it other than just roll up really slow and just run into the obstacle. I feel sort of silly putting practice steps together for things like this but I guess if you wanted to a practice that could be feels like you’re sort of asleep at the wheel.

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