Don't Break the Skateboard

Don’t Break The Tony Hawk Board

Do you go to skateboard summer camps. I’ve been dying to do this again of don’t break the board. Don’t do it don’t do it so how much do you weigh 155 Carlos 115 170 there’s 165 160. This all the people that are playing. Oh God I think there’s actual poop on that yeah those are like the smallest finger boards hey. I used to skate a lot when I was in high school. But haven’t since graduating. I’ve been watching you guys since the beginning of the Lake Street days and through you I discovered Andy Brian John Hill Christian Johnny Geiger. And more it’s crazy and awesome how many channels you have inspired over the years. I would love to start skating again if I could find the time and money anyways. I used to work for a local grocery store chain they were known for their closeout section.

I found this Tony Hawk board there for 1999. I got it for laughs not only that but look at that there’s so much like dreams don’t touch that Aaron. Why I would love to see you guys skate it till it breaks although this episode is called don’t break the board. Don’t break it in a couple requests this board is a 7.25. So double flip it please and keeping with the puns and requests. Let’s see fede or Troy do a ghetto bird. So basically this is a collector’s edition. You shouldn’t bring it no I threw in some technics. I also bought at that store anyways keep doing your thing guys and maybe one day when I can save some money. I can buy that sweet Jason Park three black board or the Ankara Final Fantasy ducky PS. sorry the board is dirty I haven’t even used it in a couple years and has been collecting dust in my basement.

All right you guys ready to don’t break the board okay so don’t break the board works like this. It’s a game escape but we don’t know why because the letters mean nothing you just do tricks and a person does a trick. And then the other person has to do the trick if they landed that trick but you want to specifically do a trick with the purpose of trying to get the other people. Not yourself remember to break the board the person who breaks the board. We light them on fire there we go the person who breaks the board gets lit on fire. So don’t break the board sorry guys not the best angle. Not the best angle we can finally ride a skateboard. let’s go okay don’t break the board I’m going first cuz everybody else is too busy messing around I’ll have to three stare. See that it’s a lot harder to do that ollie than you would have expected says the bearings are terrible. But does it feel like it’s going to break.

You can afford to like a bonfire for a while Teddy you’re going to put out an eye. Daniel the person you didn’t even wear pants today. we can’t straight to the five are we really going there I’m doing that I actually think what’s going to break it as a flat ground heel flip film. From up here my turn anymore the home cool okay Carlo sign is like a mariachi band just threw me up. I’m going to try and tell drop it what in the world what just happened so I got you nobody can do that so they won’t break the board. Oh No Rael wears Falls and then you get a letter. I feel like Ozzy’s going to break his don’t say. It just down break our pride maybe. I’m going to switch drop in on this other not okay I’m going to do this for Tony Hawk boom boom pogchamp don’t wait for me. How many lip slide celebrates real Falls episode. Four it’s like you can never tell if Daniel skating switch or regular he just bullies and all people in this one with. We’re going to the what you did when you were trying to break the board. What are you doing back lip front lip is all.

We do here at the Braille House very back ray’ll Falls if I saw you in heaven. I usually have to have into it but that there’s no good little. Asli toes on the first tree first time. we’ve ever seen shorts on the Braille Channel right there it gets all depressed like I can only do it while I’m sliding don’t break fetty’s face. chide you like a hard trick Ollie off the five and Lance is stalling the rest I’m going to all you one foot the long box rales first full-length movie.

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