Fear of Falling

Fighting Fear in Skateboarding

You may be learning skateboarding by looking at skateboard footage but the most of us have fear of falling. Falling gives big rush of adrenaline that you can use to focus in and really go for your next few attempts with a big wave of confidence and actually stomping the board down, even if you fall, teaches your body what it’s going to feel like the next time you try, and now you’ll know exactly what you need to do in order to roll away on your next attempt. In my case, even though I knew in my head that I was supposed to lean back more in the transition, I wasn’t really used to doing it from that high up and I’d never done it from a blunt stall before, so I ended not leaning back far enough and having the board shoot out from underneath me.

But right after I took that first hit, I knew exactly what it was going to feel like to put my weight on the board in that spot on the ramp with that particular amount of momentum, and a few tries later, I was able to commit to landing on the board again and this time, I was appropriately leaned back enough to prevent myself from falling that same way again. Then two tries later, I landed it for the first time for real. Now at this point, I do want to reiterate that skateboarding does carry along with it the inherent risk of serious injury, so even if you take every precaution that you can, you always run the risk that something can go wrong.

If you’re not ready to accept that fact, you should probably hold off on skateboarding until you are. However, if you use your head and skate smart, you can minimize that risk and the amount of fun that you’re going to have from skateboarding will easily warrant getting banged up every once in a while. Alright so now let me show you one more example. So when I first started trying this one, I would pop the trick and flick the board with my back foot just fine, but as I was on the way back down to the ground, I would take my front foot off at the last second so I wouldn’t have to risk what might happen if I landed with it over top of the board.

But then, here’s where the switch flipped. Now, every time I pop the trick, I just think to myself, falling really wasn’t that bad. I can just fall over and over again until my body adjusts to landing properly and then I’ll get a make and five tries later, that’s exactly what happened. Now, keep in mind that anything that you can do to make falling less dangerous will make this whole process even easier. So, that means, if you have a helmet and pads, wear them. If you can have your friend stand next to you and catch you when you start to fall, have them do that as well. The more that you’re able to experience what landing the trick actually feels like, the easier it will be to commit to it and the less scary it’ll become.

Now one thing I have to mention before I go is that you should take a second and see if you can apply this advice to any other areas of your life. For example, it was this exact approach that eventually lead to me starting this You tube channel. A lot of you guys probably don’t know this, but before I started this one, I started another You tube channel that I worked on for two years and I made over 40 videos, some of them that I worked really hard on, and I never even managed to get over 200 subscribers. So if you really want to do something new, sometimes it’s best to stop debating the risks and just give it a shot. You might fail at it the first few times, but it’s almost always through failure that you’ll learn how to succeed.

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