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Getting with Best Tricks in Skateboarding

Do you go to a nyc skate shops. This is a three star review. they are good trucks for kids or someone under 130 pounds. verified how much you weigh 129 one star. don’t buy vay trucks are horrible the price isn’t enticing. but they are tiny and heavy yet they bent and broke the bushings are horrible – period no spring period did the stiff at Dan’s rib cage are these good for power rides. if you mean power slides then yes do you have power slides real fast. let’s see if this is true this question do they flat spot. if so how long until they do longest power slide you can do this is a trained professional. Fetty Potter that was a pretty long power slide I give it a good 6 feet. I don’t hear any flat spots it takes a car to float for them a car full on but here’s the answer mine ended up with flat spots. after my first revert don’t bother don’t bother. not even a power slide but a reverb yeah I guess it just doesn’t show. you may or may not be able to believe everything you hear on the Internet. what okay yeah maybe this will make you feel better are these a or C cut answer they road ro ad horrible sorry. feed me like a dead leg I like this and the leg seems lighter than the regular boring old Clyde.

the hen room C Frisco just like claw I got a splinter. well that’s bad these boards give nasty splinters splinter from the board just grabbed. it like that and then if you’re going to blame it on anything blame it on the grip tape. we should do a pop-tart good to well that’s that’s a waste of good pop-tarts yeah I’ve never had a bad pop-tart. let’s read you a couple of warm-up tricks yeah okay knocking switch here but let’s switch he’ll nonetheless. something about my height of a life nose antenna fucking. Holly I can’t read yeah looks like you fill in one piece yeah you know good. I’m still stuck in the body it’s very funny because the grip tape was fetty’s biggest complaint. but seems to have the best reviews eighty-one reviews and it’s a four-point four out of five stars as described large sheet. good super grippy takes a beating and holds up great most is people using them for ladders and trucks.

 though I used it for different things bumper of truck ladder steps grip of sidearm does not work for what I ordered it for obviously. they didn’t order it for switch hard flips I wonder. what they ordered mantra now you guys can battle to that okay fine. what I got so I’m first calm down girl I’ve been skated in like eight months. whether you’ve actually grinded I do a drop in kind of thing for the game yeah yeah once really eight crap really. bad you eat pieces of crap for breakfast shoot in my case you couldn’t see the grip tape I dropped in and the bushings went crazy and. then the same thing happened to him get my rebate you got I’m going to count that on deep it’s all over Shelly. come on Troy Betty take me down I’ve never done this so actually think it’s not that bad cryptids. could be much worse the grip tape is exceptional then about the trucks and the bushings. like the bushings seem so soft that if you bend the truck that way it just stays as bad as I thought it would be I give it like a star.

 I’ve given probably I would give it four. but three fat mafia four yeah I think the only thing. still holding it together is this revived sticker. and this four sticker so honestly. I’ll just get the skateboard from the Shred quarters calm. and revive skateboard from real skateboarding calm.  I think mostly because I just like to see what people say in the reviews the reviews to me are the most fascinating part of everything we’ve never reviewed what got on Amazon and or got something when I feel so obligated to write a review on Amazon. so if you were going to just go buy a new board alright.

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