Useful Skateboards Tricks

Learning the Skateboarding Tricks

Do you want skateboarding tricks to learn in order. You have a sir here’s. Your skateboard yeah. What church do you want me to do well. You do a bunch of the airmen trick with my body yeah. You can do that I don’t even have to try this. I’ll do a nollie front flip right okay. That was a nollie front-foot that your body was on the ground can count no. No backs on ground elantris alright. So your turn I can do it glide on what okay well a swordsman is out get a walk. I’m thoroughly impressed he put this together in his brain. He didn’t do it. I’m going to skateboarding this. I’m going to do a kickflip nose run. He’s trying you do realize you tried that switch right you jumped on the wrong way like you. Your left foot was forward yeah alright three flip it fifty. I can do that were you tried again. Let’s see it he did it I think I can do this. What’s that what you even say what is that the gnarly flip would you call it gnarly flip navigate it.

It didn’t flip yours you kind of like made it flip. So your something tell me thank you. I’m going to don’t this is Empire Strikes Back. Yeah except he’s I’m the teacher. I think I don’t know write it down. So it didn’t flip it is a day all right. Your turn you got to make it good because I’m coming out here they think God did it trick is going to look. So dumb so I go for like an angel and fly back run you lay down your butt did he put his butt oh yeah. Dude this is harder his butt is there welcome to my life that count be careful spread those feet out. I mean he rolled on it but I mean it was probably locked out yeah are different. Marie do you going to do memory do. Do we have a pulse is he okay. Is he ticklish I heard I’m going to do something you potential anima do a pop shuvit. Your Wilson later flipped it inward heel.

No you’re a teaser my god going to do a kickflip nose slide. I did not I did not do it he’s back with a jump grind was really when he said yeah in the middle of it. I was like okay he’s not going to lay they did do. I have to say yeah yes all right dude that was good as high as I can alright you get a letter. If you don’t hit my head class you just hit me in the jaw. I’ll pull my hand down a high five. I’m sorry okay. Let me try this how’d you fall that’s because I was going to roll off the end and it doesn’t work. When you weighed 400 pounds well. I leave you think you wait no now. I’m at tea house to go over company this weekend that is my board not rolling off the edge. How did that work for you. I’m going to do the ultimate baby Lee trick what is that the he did it by flipping everyone messed him up and he’s still going to land in it. Oh you did it and then jump one more try.

I get one more try going to do a flip and a half and then land it okay get it two and a half I’ll give a redo redo yeah you did two and a half you beat your dad congratulations you won I am NOT going to go easy on you next time it’s going down okay rematch sometime all right I just have to get back up and try it again but hey I love you thank you for doing this with me I love skateboarding myself and then riding everyone so I wants to pick it up and you got a handful of moves either here’s so much better these days I’m proud of you you did a new one today that jumped 5050 right there on the rail you’ve never done that maybe he has I don’t know but um if you guys want to get into skateboarding it is the best thing ever it’s so much fun it’s it’s just it’s really it teach – taught me what was some of the best lessons in life and it’s just so much fun so we have an online best skateboards shop the shred Cooter’s calm you guys can get your own well the skate shops are over there should we go show to him let’s go here it is the shred course calm we got everything you need to get a skateboard and start skating yourself it is a lot of fun right do we get fun doing this yeah what would you do well if you’ve got a new board what you want it of course we know she had done yeah.

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