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Skateboarding with Ease

Do you go to a nyc skateboard shop. Oh toast do you know what time it is oh you think this belly scratch time yes. He does bagels you know time minute. It’s apparently running away time right what time is it. Hey guys Bob time well you’re rockin that time okay. Well then I’ll go to skate camp and you say you get your shoes on okay adding a much you do not have you. You do have your shoes on oh my gosh well dad doesn’t. So I’m going to get my shoes on if we’re going to go okay hit the rock no high five the head rock. No hey hey hits rock hits it you kicked the rock you think about toast by toast while we’re gone to buy best cheap electric skateboard make sure your be a dog and pee outside and don’t you anywhere else net outside.

Oh listen to him that was a great advice you just bump your head no getting in now. It’s good skate all right let’s go and I can’t you marry me you want to be Batman. That’s like literally the one superhero that you could potentially be never not going to discourage you buddy. I’d be so hyped to be the dad of Batman. We’re here are you ready. Let’s do it I already see crank you see him oh yeah what up. Mario that’s a big crack right there yep up. I’ll escape our dogs oh yeah yeah what is up this is take him hi. I know I put your in my picture yes oh yeah. Oh well there’s our supervise no write it this is perfect for you to jump grind a foot here to put here spread them out. Oh are you crumbled oh you rot this you brought this rug design. So now I’ll go really fast super fast hyper mob guys yeah. Oh my gosh is going really far back.

You don’t have to go that far back but one more shot you got this. Oh one more drying. You got this again you did the spit for you okay Oh. You want all your apps to drop all right. Oh got it okay oh you jumped off boom there you go hey I got a ninja. I got a ninja challenge for you somebody’s got a show right in the ninja moves. You put your board here and jump from here and roll away. So just put your feet on the bullets and you’re good to go boom. You got it all right are you helping on doing super ninja from there or do you want to go from right here do it. Oh dude you think impacting extreme prison. I’m going to just save your hand for like an hour okay. no Ryan you want to slide down the ramp like what every single year he does this do it and every year he does this and as a parent. Every year it scares me but you’re bigger now at least alright.

So I’m going to jump down and Craig’s going to lower you down and drop you okay but I’m going to go down there first Geronimo you ready go. Whoo okay right that was that was good everyone’s doing it. you want do it again a couple years ago you like turned into a ball and like fell down it. So that was a great you can you nailed it and he’s still going. You’re doing this by yourself all right feet up yes. Oh I’ve been filming and I’m already sweating oh yeah but anybody. I’m going to do some tricks again. I just hit him in the face. I wasn’t the smoothest though. I neither was right in now. I see finger marks on the lens so he probably touched the lenses it’s like an instant headache. When you hit your butt that harsh taking that I’m so jiggly legged. so you got some LaPorta shoelace belt to give out gold a padding in this there was a ventilator. Read Here Electric Skate board Reviews

Okay you do that there so all these skate part people. We’re doing skate camp so two more week get up here me or some of the survived team is here every single week and it’s fun. Susie I haven’t done the video with her and too long he’s one of my favorite skateboarders. All right in right you earned it he earned it out here guys did you break it out roll shredded. a ton of fun a skate camp like I said we’re up here somebody from revive and/or me is up here once a week during skate camp so check it out but come skate the park anywhere because it’s awesome it’s super super fun you have fun yeah alright let’s go home and have a father-son day.

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