Using Skateboard

Tricks to Be Learn

You may have uncle wiggly skateboard but do you know the impressive tricks. Now, before you start learning any of the tricks I’m about to show you, you should make sure that you first learn how to pump, do kick turns, and drop in on a mini ramp. Alright, so let’s look at the first trick on the list which is called the slash grind. This trick is similar to a kick turn in that it can be done both front side and backside, but in my opinion, the front side version is easier to execute, so that’s the one we’re going over today. To do a front side slash grind, approach the ramp at an angle with a little more than enough speed to make it to the top. Just as your front wheels are about to make contact with the coping, lift them up with the same motion you’d use to do a manual and allow your back truck to briefly grind the coping. As you get to the end of the grind, set your front wheels back on the ramp and ride back down the quarter pipe.
The second trick we’re going to go over is the rock to fakie. To perform this trick, ride straight up the quarter pipe with enough speed to get your front wheels over the coping, but not so much that your back wheels go over as well. With a slight manual motion, set the middle of the board on the coping and rock the front wheels forward. Now, simply reverse that motion to lift upthe front wheels again and roll fakie back down the ramp, setting down your front wheels once they’re clear of the coping. This last part can be a little scary to do at first since there is a slight risk of your front wheels getting caught on the coping, but once you commit to it the first time or two, it will be much easier to wrap your head around how to successfully and consistently get the wheels back over the coping every time.
Now that you’re riding fakie on the mini ramp, it’s time to go over how to do trick number 3, the fakie tail stall. To do this trick, you’re going to rotate your board around your back wheels to set the tail on top of the deck of the quarter pipe, using the same motion that you’d use to set your tail down on flat ground. Now, what I mean by that is you need to bend your front knee rather than keeping both of your legs straight and trying to lean back to get the board to rotate around the back wheels. Once your upward momentum comes to a stop, all that’s left to do is drop in like you usually do and head toward the other side to do the fourth trick on our list, the backside rock n’ roll. Just like for the rock to fakie, you’re going to ride straight up the ramp, pick your front wheels up over the coping, and set them down briefly on top of the deck.
However, this time, as you do this, you’re going to rotate your upper body backside, so that your head and shoulders are facing the bottom of the ramp. As you un weight your front foot, allow the board to swing around backside to align itself with your upper body. After the board has pivoted 180 degrees on the back wheels, you can set down your front wheels and ride back down the quarter pipe in your normal stance. Alright so now the fifth trick on our list is another fakie maneuver that I call the fakie nose bonk. To do this one, rotate your shoulders backside as you ride fakie up the quarter pipe, and just before your back wheels get to the top, lift up your front wheels and bonk them as hard as you can off of the coping.
Then, all that’s left to do is reverse that motion to rotate your board front side again and ride back down the ramp. Even though this move is pretty simple, it’s also a really important one to learn because it’s a stepping stone to being able to do this trick, which personally allowed me to finally learn the front side rock n roll.

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