Right Trick with Skateboard

Using the Skateboard With the Right Trick

Are you interested for a 3d printed skateboard wheels. We’re going to do the $60 Amazon complete a lot of people have been requesting this since. we started that cheapskate series so I got every item off Amazon I got the deck trucks wheels bearings grip tape but now hardware they forgot the one thing. we do we don’t actually have hardware. we’ll figure it out you know open this one space any guesses truck how much you think they talk 20 for the set 15 for the set yeah I’m still like you worked at Zumiez notice. I actually know what everything is burned shots fired there’s actually going to look bad what’s this what’s this oh no blue. I think the blue were cheaper this is like the worst color like why said you got to go there. I’m baring how much bang for five dollars yeah. they were five like a footlong subway. it’s a good deal you know it’s weird to think somebody who’s like five feet is only five foot longs. that’s weird to think Lance I thought you said he bought drip tape. I can’t even so that’s clear no oh see it. so the grip tape was like no more pricey. I don’t really sell cheap grip tape on. Amazon by $5.99 yeah boxing job. what size is this it’s made in China. that’s all that you need to know this is a medium concave. new it’s very flat there’s like no nose. or tail it was $20 $20 yeah yeah.

┬ádo we have reviews on this those on this side right yeah oh wow you got this grip there yeah. that’s pretty legit who doesn’t like clear good too I mean it’s clear camo. where I don’t see it complete so yeah under $6 Wow good clothes. 60 since we’re going so trendy we’re going to have to finish it oh now really really Betty. there’s anyone that can get trendy its Kelly the blue wheels with the camera grip. I know you should got orange wheels that’s what goes with camo wow. this might be the best bearings ever actually smooth. I want to promote you to the major. so you’re going to go work for Wetzel’s pretzels instead. Oh buddy might get fired for that one cheapskates episode 385 the culmination of the entire series this is like the season finale. they love the van I guess. we just don’t have hard labor put it together. we should make rail Hardware it only comes with 4 bolts.

total this is a rad board yeah actually like it no. there’s not that’s what makes it good thanks. hardware I almost went straight through the whole board you need washes like a step up from cardboard but. we’re going to do it this just hang it up thinking Troy off the Bell job yes all right. there heads you’re going to get that hashtag for the next Roy. Braille. job I told Lance it then he has to do the barrel drop with the nail board. live stream barefoot. let’s feel more at home okay question. what size deck is it answer as the title states dot dot dot eight inches I think it’s eight to five. I will be riding on here is it smooth and what should I use to ride on answer yes.

you can riding on drawing on it usually usual use oil paint acrylic paint question. difference between the deep concave and medium concave the difference is the edges tail the deep ones. edge is more higher than the medium weight petit I got one for you got a really good one. is there a distinct nose and tail yeah difference distinct to media. Wow shocker the nose is definitely distinguishable from the tail like any regular skateboard. deck is this warning brand that was the question. here’s the answer I didn’t see anything with that name when I got mine. it came with a sticker but I forgot what it said on it. I know it wasn’t warning though I wonder if some people got a skateboard with like a sticker this is like warning. they thought oh this is a warning brand skateboard. that’s our new company warning how much weight can this hold I am 6 foot 1 and 250 pounds and this deck has not bent at all really the only complaint. I have about this board of big red tape. it’s slippery kind .a good tape from wheels are probably the worst I mean to do that moving on to the trucks.

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